Football Season is Upon Us – Is Your Tailgate Party Going to Be Good Enough?

Tailgating is a fine tradition associated with most sporting events. Football is the most common. Usually there is one person who handles the main food, such as meat, while other party goers bring a select number of accessory items. For instance, we had one couple who always brought the grill and sausages and burgers, while the rest of us brought the chips, pop, plates, etc… By sharing the load it made the entire event more affordable and manageable.

Meat is a common food at these parties. You don’t want to be eating dainty baby shower foods at a tailgate party, come on! It’s time for manly meats that demonstrate our willingness to share in the tackles with the players on the field.

How that meat is prepared is important. The fine tradition of grilling is a favorite. But you don’t want to haul your huge charcoal grill to the game, so it’s รวมเว็บแทงบอลufabet time to consider a smaller, more portable gas grill. These are simple to use, good great food and are easy to tear down again before the game starts. Less mess, no fuss and great grilling.

If grilling is too much work, then pizza is another common food that is used as a main dish. Most people just order it from a popular chain and pick it up along the way, but we have brought homemade pizza. Did you know you can make the dough in your bread machine? It’s shockingly simple and the homemade taste is a nice change from the chain food that we’re used to. It all depends o